Thursday, April 16, 2009

Book review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Wings by Aprilynne Pike (published by HarperCollins, May 5, 2009)

Fourteen-year-old Laurel grew up living a sheltered life in a small town, where she was home schooled by her parents. So it's a big change for her when her family moves and she begins to attend a high school. On her first day at school she meets David, a local boy who is a science nerd. Laurel and David become best friends, and Laurel wavers between being happy with that, and wanting their friendship to become something more.

Things soon become more complicated for Laurel when she appears to have begun growing wings. David, with his interest in science, tries to help Laurel figure out what is going on. Eventually, Laurel learns she is a faerie, and was left on her parents' doorstep when she was very young, and that it is up to her to help protect her world and those she cares about. She also must choose between two loves, the handsome faerie Tamani, who helps her understand who she is and where she came from, and David, who has always been there for her since her first day at school.

Wings is a promising debut by new teen author Aprilynne Pike. It's supposed to the first book in a series, and I look forward to seeing how the story continues and what happens to Laurel and her friends. I've seen this book compared to Twilight, and while there are some similarities, the fantasy elements are pretty different (I'm a much bigger fan of faeries than vampires myself). I think teen girls who love supernatural romances, as well as older readers who still enjoy teen fiction, will enjoy this book a lot.

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