Sunday, July 12, 2009

In My Mailbox - 7/12/09

Credit goes to The Story Siren for thinking up the In My Mailbox feature.

My new books that I bought or received this week:

Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin

Harriet Sherwood has always adored her grandmother. But when Harriet decides to follow her footsteps to fight for social justice, she certainly never expected her efforts to land her in jail. Nor did she expect her childhood enemy and notorious school bully, Tommy O'Reilly, to be the arresting officer.
Languishing in a jail cell, Harriet has plenty of time to sift through the memories of the three generations of women who have preceded her. As each story emerges, the strength of her family—and their deep faith in the God of justice and righteousness—brings Harriet to discovery of her own goals and motives for pursuing them.

(The description is kind of vague, but this is actually a historical novel, set in the 1920s I think, during Prohibition)

Dark Guardian: Full Moon by Rachel Hawthorne

Lindsey is wild and reckless, a natural rebel—maybe because her entire life was laid out for her even before she was born. Her parents are among the most powerful members of the Dark Guardians, an ancient tribe of werewolves, and they arranged Lindsey's betrothal to Connor long ago. The next full moon is coming all too soon, and then her commitment to Connor will be final—no turning back. She should be happy . . . so why can't she stop thinking about gorgeous, brooding Rafe?
When a dangerous threat on the pack escalates, so do tensions between Connor and Rafe. A fight over Lindsey is imminent, but will it be to the death?

Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana by Melanie Dobson

Liberty, Indiana, is home to a stop on the Underground Railroad operated by Anna Brent and her father, covert abolitionists who harbor runaway slaves traveling toward freedom. The Brents must be very careful; anyone caught aiding runaways is subject to imprisonment under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. So when Anna begins to write columns denouncing slavery in the local newspaper, she must adopt a pen name. Even the newspapers editor, Daniel Stanton, does not know the authors true identity. Daniel takes a risk publishing the columnshis job, his newspaper, and his very life might be in danger. When Annas work on the Underground Railroad is threatened, can she turn to Daniel, a man she barely knows, to ensure the safety of the slaves so dear to her? Will she and Daniel be willing to risk everything for their beliefsincluding their personal liberty?

I also got Intertwined by Gena Showalter and My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent again. I had requested them from the Harlequin Teen website a while back, never got them, ended up picking signed copies up at the BEA, and then they randomly arrived this week. So I'll probably have a contest, or trade them. I don't know.


Zoraida Cordova said...

nice, i've never seen any of these! =)

Rebecca said...

Great books. Full Moon sounds really good. Enjoy reading all your books.

Katie said...

Great books. They all look amazing. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I got Full Moon this week too. Enjoy!

prophecygirl said...

I got Full Moon too. Looks like it was the week for it! :)

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