Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book review: Breathe by Lisa T. Bergren

The Homeward Trilogy Book One: Breathe - A Novel of Colorado by Lisa T. Bergren (Published by David C. Cook, June 1, 2009)

In 19th century Philadelphia, having already lost his wife and four of his children, Odessa's father decides to send his daughter, who is suffering from consumption, and her brother and sister out west to Colorado, hoping a sanitarium there will be able to cure her. The three adult siblings settle in Colorado Springs, where they find adventure, mystery, and romance.

The main focus is on Odessa, and her experiences as she tries to recover at the sanitarium. When a patient is attacked, she finds herself in danger because she may have heard a murder take place. She also finds love and begins to heal from her illness. There are also subplots involving her brother, Dominic, and sister, Moira, who I hope we will see more of in the rest of the trilogy.

Breathe was an interesting historical novel with a unique plot for a book set in the Old West - a murder mystery set in a sanitarium. It is published by a Christian publisher, but I didn't find the book to be preachy at all. There is no graphic sex or violence, which makes the book appropriate for teens as well as adults. I would recommend this book to readers who like western romances without a lot of graphic content.

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