Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book review: Our Australian Girl: Letty and the Stranger's Lace by Alison Lloyd

Our Australian Girl: Letty and the Stranger's Lace by Alison Lloyd (Published by Puffin Books Australia, May 2, 2011)

It's 1841, and Letty and her older sister Lavinia have just arrived in Sydney, Australia after a long sea voyage from England. Nothing has gone as planned - Letty was not supposed to be on the ship in the first place, and Lavinia's job in Sydney has fallen through. Now they must stay in a boardinghouse for single female immigrants while they try to find jobs.

Lavinia finds a job working as a servant in a grand house, but nobody seems to want Letty, because she is young and not as pretty as her older sister. Her only friend besides her sister was Abner, a young sailor on the ship, and now that the ship is leaving Letty will probably never see him again. Letty feels alone and rejected. Can Letty adjust to life in Sydney and find a job and a home?

This is the second of four books about Letty from the Our Australian Girl series, which is similar to the American Girls series. I wouldn't suggest reading these out of order, they are one story and meant to be read in order. I enjoyed this book and it was nice to see Letty being less passive and gullible compared to the first book. And as an American, I have really enjoyed learning about Australian history from the books in this series.

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