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In My Mailbox - 4/17/20

Credit goes to The Story Siren for creating and hosting the In My Mailbox feature. Here are my new books for this week:

For review:

The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood

Jessamine Luxson lives with her father, Thomas, an apothecary, in an isolated cottage near Alnwick Castle. Thomas’s pride and obsession is his locked garden full of dangerous plants, which Jessamine is forbidden to enter.
When a traveler brings an orphan to their cottage, he claims the boy has special gifts that Thomas might value. Jessamine is drawn to the strange but intriguing boy, called Weed. Soon their friendship deepens into love. Finally, Weed shares his secret: He can communicate with plants. For him they have distinct personalities—and some are even murderous. From the locked garden the poisonous plants call to Weed, luring him with promises of deadly power.
When Jessamine falls inexplicably ill, only Weed’s relationship with the Poisons can save her. But Thomas is determined to exploit Weed’s abilities, even if it risks Jessamine’s life—or drives Weed to the brink of madness...

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall by Mary Downing Hahn

When twelve-year-old Florence boards the crowded horse-drawn coach in London, she looks forward to a new life with her great uncle and aunt at Crutchfield Hall, an old manor house in the English countryside. Anything will be better, she thinks, than the grim London orphanage where she has lived since her parents' deaths.
But Florence doesn't expect the ghost of her cousin Sophia, who haunts the cavernous rooms and dimly lit hallways of Crutchfield and concocts a plan to use Florence to help her achieve her murderous goals. Will Florence be able to convince the others in the household of the imminent danger and stop Sophia before it's too late?


Dragon Seer by Janet McNaughton

Enslaved since early childhood, Madoca is astonished to be chosen as dragon seer, one who will care for the dragons of Orkney. But people now question the age-old traditions that placed the dragons at the very heart of her society, and one of the older dragon seers has made enemies among the chieftains. When the Vikings arrive with a malevolent seer who has vowed to destroy all dragons, new alliances form and the people’s way of life is threatened. As Madoca’s powers emerge, strong but uncontrolled, she faces the fight of her life. How can she save her beloved dragons?

Three Rivers Rising by Jame Richards (signed hardcover copy, reviewed the ARC here)

Sixteen-year-old Celstia spends every summer with her family at the elite resort at Lake Conemaugh, a shimmering Allegheny Mountain reservoir held in place by an earthen dam. Tired of the society crowd, Celestia prefers to swim and fish with Peter, the hotel’s hired boy. It’s a friendship she must keep secret, and when companionship turns to romance, it’s a love that could get Celestia disowned. These affairs of the heart become all the more wrenching on a single, tragic day in May, 1889. After days of heavy rain, the dam fails, unleashing 20 million tons of water onto Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in the valley below. The town where Peter lives with his father. The town where Celestia has just arrived to join him. This searing novel in poems explores a cross-class romance—and a tragic event in U. S. history.


prophecygirl said...

The Poison Diaries sounds fantastic! I hadn't read the description before, so thanks for posting it. Off to Amazon I go!

Brittany said...

Excellent books this week. The Poison Diaries sounds amazing. The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall also sounds great! Thanks for sharing. Happy Reading!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

The Ghost of crutchfield hall looks awesome!

♫♥✿Chas @ LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ said...

Dragon seer sounds fabulous!!=)!!!

Here is my IMM:

Enjoy your reads!

Tesni said...

I've been meaning to read Three Rivers Rising for a while but I still haven't got around to it. The Poison Diaries looks fantastic too.
Happy reading!
Here's my IMM-

Rebecca said...

Interesting books you got this week. Quite a few of them look really good, I look forward to your reviews. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

Monster of Books said...

The Poison Diaries and The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall look superb and interesting. I hope you enjoy your haul, Happy Reading XD

the story siren said...

The Poison Diaries! ahh! so excited for that one! hope you enjoy! happy rading!

Vicki said...

The Poison Diaries sounds amazing! That one has definitely going on my wishlist.

E.J. Stevens said...

I hadn't heard of The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall before and just added it to my TBR list. Happy reading!


Shweta said...

I received The Ghost Of Crutchfield Hall too but through NetGalley. So that book is on my reading list as well..Poison Diaries looks good

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