Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book review: The Princess in the Tower by Sharon Stewart

Beneath the Crown: The Princess in the Tower by Sharon Stewart (Published by Scholastic Canada, September 1, 2005)

As a Princess of France, Marie Therese Charlotte, the daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, had a luxurious childhood. But life for Mousseline, as she is called by her family, changes drastically beginning in 1789. There is a growing discontent in France, and soon a new order emerges, one that has no room for the royal family. Mousseline must endure tragedy as she is imprisoned in a tower just for being a member of the royal family, even though she is just a child. There, she is separated from her parents and siblings, and must struggle to remain strong as she endures the loss of her family and her entire way of life.

Narrated by the young Marie Therese, this book was very similar to the books in the Royal Diaries series and would make a good companion read to the book about Marie Antoinette from that series. I highly recommend this book to preteens and young adults who enjoy historical fiction, particularly if they have an interest in royalty or in this time period. It gave an interesting perspective on the French Revolution from the point of view of the young princess who lost everything.

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