Saturday, September 12, 2009

In My Mailbox - 9/12/09

Credit goes to The Story Siren for thinking up the In My Mailbox feature.

I had a rather slow week, I received one book for review as well as one book I had purchased online:

Alchemy and Meggy Swan by Karen Cushman

Fans of Karen Cushman's witty, satisfying novels will welcome Meggy Swann, newly come to London with her only friend, a goose named Louise. Meggy's mother was glad to be rid of her; her father, who sent for her, doesn't want her after all. Meggy is appalled by London, dirty and noisy, full of rogues and thieves, and difficult to get around in—not that getting around is ever easy for someone who walks with the help of two sticks. Just as her alchemist father pursues his Great Work of transforming base metal into gold, Meggy finds herself pursuing her own transformation. Earthy and colorful, Elizabethan London has its dark side, but it also has gifts in store for Meggy Swann.

Dear Canada: A Desperate Road to Freedom by Karleen Bradford

A riveting tale of a brave family's last bid for freedom, and the price they pay to find it. Julia May and her family have done the unthinkable. They have fled from their life of slavery on a tobacco plantation in Virginia, and are making their way north, on foot, where they have heard that slaves can live free. Their story, told through Julia May's journal entries, is gruelling. Their journey takes them through swamps, travelling by night and hiding by day. It is a harrowing, terrifying experience, but determination to find a new life in Canada keeps them going. The diary that Julia May keeps is another act of bravery. Learning to read and write alongside her mistress at the plantation was her own secret, and strictly forbidden for a slave girl. Now as she records her fears and the extraordinary things she sees during her journey, she is deeply afraid that she'll be found out and suffer the consequences. But her journal keeps her going through the hard times until they are finally free. Readers will be moved as they follow her family's trek north...but even here old prejudices die hard.


April (BooksandWine) said...

Oh, I didn't know they had Dear Canada books! I do enjoy the Dear America series, they are pretty valuable for the classroom library, plus they read so quickly. :-)

I hope you enjoy your lovely new books.

The Book Bug said...

Alchemy and Meggy Swan looks good... I just got one of KC's books from the library this week, could be good.

I didnt know there was going to be another Dear Canada!! I love that series!!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to get the Dear Candada for my daughter. She loves those books. Enjoy!

Raspberry said...

So excited for Cushman's book....and every time I see the Magic Under Glass pic in the corner, I get excited to read that too....:)

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