Saturday, May 29, 2010

In My Mailbox - 5/29/10

Credit goes to The Story Siren for creating and hosting the In My Mailbox feature. Here are my new books for this week.


My Story: The Fall of the Blade by Sue Reid

It's 1792. Isabelle, daughter of an aristocrat, lives in a chateau just outside Paris. But France is in the grip of the Revolution, and as terror takes hold of the city, Isabelle's family decides that they must flee to the countryside. But will they be safe there? Will they escape the guillotine's falling blade...?

Books received at Book Expo America:

Day one:
Day two:


Tesni said...

So many many great books...
I'm pleased The Fall of the Blade is out now- I'll have to buy a copy ASAP.
Enjoy your books!

Anonymous said...

seriously so lucky!! So many awesome books! Enjoy!!

-Ria xo said...

I love the 'My Story' books!
Enjoy this one (:

Jan von Harz said...

Holy Cow! did you make a hall. You have titles I have pre-order like Halo and Forged, and others. Lucky you. Enjoy!

♫♥✿Chas @ LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ said...

Very Cool!

I hope you enjoy all your reads this week!=)

Erica said...

Happy reading all your lovely books!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Wow, fantastic book list!

Anonymous said...

You made out amazingly at BEA - enjoy all your reading! The Fall of the Blade looks pretty good. I've done some traveling in Europe, so I love reading books about places I've been, and I've been to France twice so far.

Gaby G said...

OMG! So many books!!

Happy reading!

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