Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book review: Abby: California Gold by Pamela Walls

Abby: California Gold by Pamela Walls (Published by Tyndale Kids, April 1, 2001)

This is the third book in the South Seas Adventures series. This series is about the adventures of Abby Kendall, a young teenage girl, and her family and friends as they travel the South Seas in the late 1840s.

When her mother becomes ill with a mysterious fever, thirteen-year-old old Abby Kendall's father decides to send her and the other children away from Hawaii. Abby, her younger sister Sarah, and their adopted Hawaiian brother Kini join Luke as he travels back to his Aunt Dagmar's home in California. It's April 1848, and soon after arriving, the children learn that gold has been discovered in California. When Luke's aunt treats them terribly, forcing them to be servants, the children decide to run away and find gold so they can return to their family. But soon after they arrive in the goldfields, Abby begins to worry about Luke. Luke has caught "gold fever," and only seems to care about being rich. And to make matters worse, children are disappearing from the goldfields, and Abby fears for the safety of Sarah and Kini.

This book is another great adventure featuring Abby Kendall and her family and friends. It's both a sweet story about family and friendship, and an exciting historical adventure. I love the California Gold Rush setting as well; all the books in this series have really interesting settings. I recommend it to all readers who enjoyed the first two books in the series.

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Kathy Tuley said...

I am trying to find a mailing address or email address for the author of this series, Pamela Walls. Can anyone help me?

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