Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book review: Home on Stoney Creek by Wanda Luttrell

Sarah's Journey: Home on Stoney Creek by Wanda Luttrell (Published by Chariot Victor Publishing, July 1994)

Eleven-year-old Sarah Moore was devastated when her father decided the family would move to the Kentucky frontier at the start of the American Revolution. She doesn't want to leave Virginia, where her friends and the only home she has ever known are, and she worries about her oldest brother, who has left home to join the Patriot army. She prays and prays to stay in Virginia but her prayers go unanswered, and her family sets out on the dangerous journey to the frontier.

The journey through the wilderness to Kentucky is dangerous as the family struggles through forests, across rivers, and over mountains. Reaching Kentucky, the Moores must struggle to build a home in the untamed wilderness. Sarah is desperately lonely and longs for her home in Virginia, vowing to return as soon as she can. But as time goes by she begins to realize that home is not a place, but being with your family.

I really liked the historical setting of this book and the details of pioneer life on the early frontier. Sarah is a likeable character that young readers will relate to, especially if they have ever had to move to a new home. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy middle grade historical fiction. The rest of the books in the series are enjoyable as well, and should be read in order.

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