Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book review: Abby: Quest for Treasure by Pamela Walls

Abby: Quest for Treasure by Pamela Walls (Published by Tyndale Kids, October 1, 2000)

This is the second book in the South Seas Adventures series. This series is about the adventures of Abby Kendall, a young teenage girl, and her family and friends as they travel the South Seas in the late 1840s.

Thirteen-year-old Abby Kendall and her family have been living with her Uncle Samuel on his ranch in Hawaii for three months now, but things there are not how her parents expected. During her uncle's long illness, the ranch was not productive, and neither he nor her parents have much money. Now a mean neighbor is threatening to buy the ranch, and Abby's parents and uncle don't have enough money to stop him. So Abby decides to use the pirate map she found on her last adventure, and find the treasure to solve her family's problems. She convinces her best friend Luke to come along, and soon the two friends are caught in another dangerous adventure as they sail to Lanai, a small Hawaiian Island that is supposed to be deserted and is rumored to be haunted.

Readers who enjoyed the first book in the South Seas Adventures series are sure to enjoy this book, which was another fun, exciting adventure featuring Abby and Luke, and a real page-turned as well. I really like the unique setting of this series, which sets it apart from other midlde grade historical fiction series.

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