Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book review: Abby: Secret at Cutter Grove by Pamela Walls

Abby: Secret at Cutter Grove by Pamela Walls (Published by Tyndale Kids, April 1, 2001)

This is the fourth book in the South Seas Adventures series. This series is about the adventures of Abby Kendall, a young teenage girl, and her family and friends as they travel the South Seas in the late 1840s.

It's June of 1848, and thirteen-year-old Abby Kendall, her younger sister Sarah, and their friends Luke and Kini have returned to Hawaii with their gold from California, but they are too late to save the Kendall ranch. Abby's parents and uncle decide to search for a new home elsewhere in Hawaii, so they all sail to the island of Kauai to learn about the sugar business. They find jobs with the wealthy Rees Cutter, who owns a sugar plantation. Rees Cutter seems so kind and generous, but Abby and Luke hear bad things about him from some of the workers. In addition, they begin to suspect he may be involved in business dealings with the cruel and greedy Cap'n Jim Canter. Abby and Luke are determined to find out what's really going on at the Cutter Plantation, and their quest for the truth leads them into another dangerous adventure.

Readers who enjoyed the first three books about Abby will be sure to enjoy this one as well. I highly recommend this series to readers who enjoy historical fiction. I love the unique settings and likable characters featured in this series, and after reading this book, couldn't wait to read the rest of the series to see what adventures await Abby and her friends next.

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