Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book review: Reunion in Kentucky by Wanda Luttrell

Sarah's Journey: Reunion in Kentucky by Wanda Luttrell (Published by Chariot Victor Publishing, January 1995)

It's June of 1778, and thirteen-year-old Sarah Moore has been living with her relatives in Williamsburg for a year when she receives the news that her mother and new baby sister are seriously ill back home on the Kentucky frontier. Sarah immediately leaves Williamsburg to return home, so that she can help her family.

When she arrives, she finds that their home has been destroyed during an Indian attack, her family is living at the fort, and her father and older brother have gone off to fight the Indians. Sarah must struggle with the challenges of living in this harsh frontier land, as she worries about her family and the ever present threat of another attack by the Indians.

Readers who enjoyed the previous two books about Sarah Moore will definitely want to read this one as well. Although the Sarah's Journey books are not among my top favorite middle grade historical novels, I still really enjoyed reading the series. I especially like the historical setting as there are not many historical novels out there about life on the frontier during the American Revolution.

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