Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book review: Abby: King's Ransom by Pamela Walls

Abby: King's Ransom by Pamela Walls (Published by Tyndale Kids, September 20, 2001)

This is the fifth book in the South Seas Adventures series. This series is about the adventures of Abby Kendall, a young teenage girl, and her family and friends as they travel the South Seas in the late 1840s.

Thirteen-year-old Abby Kendall and her friends and family are sailing to China on a trading venture when they come across a lifeless looking body floating on a barrel in the sea. Rescuing the stranger, they discover she is a young girl Abby's age, named Violet. Violet is a wealthy British girl who was sailing to join her father, who works in China for a trading company, when her ship was attacked and burned by pirates led by the infamous Zai Ching. But instead of being grateful for being rescued, Violet acts haughty and stuck-up, and steals the attention of everyone around her, especially Abby's best friend Luke and her mother. Abby's excitement at visiting the exotic land of China and exploring the city of Shanghai is spoiled by Violet's presence. When they must take Violet further south to join her father, a journey that means sailing through pirate-infested waters, Abby resents that they are now in danger because of Violet. Can Abby and Violet ever learn to get along?

This is yet another great book from the South Seas Adventures series. I really enjoyed reading this new adventure featuring Abby and her family and friends, and I loved the exotic and unique historical setting. I recommend this series to readers who enjoy middle grade historical fiction, especially if you think the unique setting sounds interesting.

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Anonymous said...

the entire south seas adventure series is wonderful. Duncan and Samuel's faith is so encouraging. and, as a christian girl with muscular distrophy, it is great to read about abby, and how she handles her problems. i would definately recommend this series to every young girl, especially if you want to know more about God, and go for a wild adventure!

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