Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book review: A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton by Michael Phillips

Shenandoah Sisters: A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton by Michael Phillips (Published by Bethany House, May 1, 2003)

Mayme Jukes and Katie Clairborne are two fifteen-year-old girls from worlds apart -- Mayme was born into slavery, while Katie was the daughter of a wealthy family that owned a large plantation. But in the final days of the Civil War, they both lost their families to marauders, and now they share an important secret. After Mayme, fleeing the scene of her family's murders, came across Katie, the only survivor at her plantation, Rosewood, the two girls decided to live their on their own and pretend that Katie's mother is still alive.

As if that were not difficult enough, now they must protect three other people as well. Emma, a former slave, and her baby, William, are hiding at Rosewood from William's father, the son of Emma's former master. And Aleta, a young girl whose mother died as they fled from her abusive father, has also sought refuge at Rosewood, and is determined to never return home. Mayme and Katie have other worries as well. A loan is due soon at the bank, and if they don't pay, they will never be able to continue protecting their secret.

This book is a very good sequel to Angels Watching Over Me that continues the story of Mayme and Katie, and introduces some new characters as well. It brings to life the dangers of life in the South just after the end of the Civil War, and at the same time tells a heartwarming story of friendship. Though this series is categorized as adult fiction, I think many young adults would enjoy the series as well, since the main characters are teenagers. There are several other books about these characters as well, and I look forward to reading them to find out what happens next.

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Julie said...

This series looks as though it would be wonderful to read; I'm heading over to put it on my Good Reads list now! Thanks for the review!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

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